...And still, we RISE.

Resilience, Integrity, Strength, Equity.

BT RISE is committed to the idea that everyone – particularly women and people in need – should have access to the resources required to achieve financial security and independence.

Bring your whole self to all you do

I believe that knowledge is power and that you must be the change you want to see in the world. With that in mind, I launched BT RISE to help and empower others – particularly women and individuals from underserved communities – to access the resources required to achieve financial security and independence. BT RISE represents resilience, integrity, strength, and equity, and we believe that by working together, we can help individuals and families achieve financial independence. As the CEO of BT RISE, I draw upon my corporate and community leadership experiences and my deep expertise in the financial services industry to offer various forms of support, including advisory services, covering training and development expenses, reviewing business plans, and providing financial grants.

Barbara Turner

CEO, Community Leader, Change Agent

Building Financially Strong and Thriving Families and Communities

BT RISE is committed to economic empowerment and education of women, and underserved communities.

Empower, Inspire, Educate

Financial security and independence are integral to sustainable success for our communities and families. BT RISE provides support and infrastructure to help women and people in underserved communities reach their goals for generations to come.

BT RISE Community Impact Partners


We help build strong families and communities through advocacy, economic empowerment, and education.